catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

K/S Christmas Calendar

I'm posting this on behalf of Dale, who is running the K/S Christmas Calendar this year.

To see last year's calendar, go here:

From Dale: K/S Christmas Calendar Reminder

Please consider contributing to the K/S Christmas Calendar. This is a tradition I'd hate to see dwindle away. We need stories, art, poems, screensavers, music vids -- all treats will be welcome. It doesn't have to be a holiday story, just as long as it is about Kirk and Spock. Any rating, and no restrictions as long as warnings are used, and the story doesn't demean our guys.

The work has to be new to the internet. Zine stories are welcome if
they haven't appeared on the net before.

All stories posted on the calendar will be posted at Kirk-and Spock
yahoogroup for feedback. If you want your story posted elsewhere we ask that you wait until after the 25th.

Please send your work to me at valioffire at yahoo dot com

Thank you,

Tags: k/s fiction

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