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Loki riding

Thanks, everyone!

We reached a major goal in finding help for my friend Jonathan. Social Security (disability) has finally come through. The benefits don't start until March, and we had a scary couple of days, because as of now he's very nearly penniless - no way did he have the financial resources to make it through another couple of months until his benefits start. (Plus, his garage flooded in all the recent rain, snuffing out the pilot light on the water heater, and he hasn't been able to get it back on. Calling the gas company!)

I had tons of suggestions from many of you – special thanks to morgandawn and moonchildetoo. It feels like I have spoken to just about every charitable organization in Greater Los Angeles, spoken to more people than I can count, but I have found a local food pantry for him, and he’s also applying for food stamps, and has already applied for “lifeline” rates for utilities.

*And*, one of his relative’s came through with some cash. So it looks like he’ll be able to get over this hump, and once his benefits kick in, hopefully everything will be OK.



Jonathan is very, very lucky to have a friend and advocate like you. Not many people would have spent the time, and made the effort you have. I'm really glad that it's paid off in a positive way, at last.