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22 year old slash story

I’ve been having a hard time finding the time (and concentration) to write, so since I promised that I would have something for the K/S Christmas calendar, I decided to post one of my (very old) zine stories, “Like A Tear Cast In Stone”, which was originally published in “In The Wilderness” # 1, Village Press, 1986.

It’s an odd feeling, revisiting a story I wrote more than two decades ago. I couldn’t resist the temptation to edit, just a little bit. Mostly nitpicking stuff. But I decided I definitely needed to establish the setting. Back in the early 80s, all my K/S fic was based on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I wrote a handful of quasi-related stories, all self-contained, but set in the same “universe”. And since several of those stories were published before “Star Trek II”, I felt the setting was self evident. But there’s been a lot of “Trek” since then, and reading this story, I felt the setting was unclear. So I added a little bit about Spock melding with Vger a few months earlier.

Other than that, it’s pretty much exactly as it was 22 years ago.

I still have hopes of finishing up some stories I promised to a zine editor and to the calendar within the next couple of weeks – I have ideas and words written down, but I just seem to be spinning my mental wheels here. I’m still cleaning up after a plumbing problem a few weeks ago; my lower room got half-flooded and I had to move stuff around quite a bit. And I’m still putting things back in place. I’m hoping that once things are a bit less cluttered, I’ll be able to concentrate and get some writing done.
Tags: fan fiction, k/s fiction, kirk/spock

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