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Tech help? Or can anyone explain how to do RSS feeds?

A couple of my friends are doing blogs at places like blogspot, typepad, etc. Without me having to remember to go to all of these places - which I won't remember to do - is there any way to "feed" their blogs to one place? And how does one subscribe to an RSS feed, anyway?


You need something that's called a "feed reader" or an "aggregator" (usually a plugin for your browser). Then you can use that to subscribe to the blog (look for the RSS symbol on the page for the easy way) and it'll update whenever the blogs you sub to are updated.
Thanks! How does that work? I take it the "feed reader" is its own program, and it displays the feeds for you? Can you launch it on its own, or do you need to be in Explorer? Do you have any idea if it would be accessible through AOL? I really like to be "signed in to" one place, and that place, 99% of the time, is AOL.
As the others said, LJ does have the RSS feed feature although was once it used to cut-off the feeds on occasion. Don't know if they've corrected that or not.

One way or the other, it's simple to do.

You can also enter the URL there (toward the bottom of the page) and subscribe to the feed so that it goes on your flist page.
Thanks so much! I just added two feeds.
Just RSS to LJ, it's much easier.

Stick their RSS link in here: http://www.livejournal.com/syn/ and it automatically creates the feed for you and friends it.

I have many off-site blogs and Twitters fed into LJ (like David Hewlett, Stephen Fry, Henry Jenkins, Kate Hewlett, Joe Mallozzi, ADB Forums, etc)
Cool, thanks! I just added a blog. What's the URL for Henry Jenkins; I'd like to read his blog too.

(And after checking out my feeds list, I apparently have WAY more than I remembered;)
Thanks! I've added Henry's blog. Smile, I guess feeds list, like just about anything else online, have a way of proliferating...
I use Google Reader

(Do not use Bloglines, it's very buggy, people are leaving it).

To subscribe to blogs, click on the orange RSS symbol in the url line of your browser, or see if there's a link to RSS FEED in the navigation to click on.

If Google Reader is not set correctly in Firefox, you can change that under Extras > Settings > Applications (or alike, I translated from my German version :)

Enjoy! I love reading RSS feeds once I figured them out (thanks to hubby who's a huge fan of them).
Thanks so much! I used the LJ feed people recommended, but I saved this information as I think it will come in very handy in the near future, as my brother has asked me to set up something like this for him and he's not on LJ.
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