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Nimoy Quinto

The next Trek...

This article by sylvia_bond, where she talks about seeing the preview for the new Trek movie made me smile so much! Hugs, Sylvia! There’s nothing like that anticipation of the wonderful new shiny, and I am *so* hoping this new Trek will be a wonderful new shiny (without wrecking TOS canon), and, please, not suck.


As Sylvia said, there’s nothing – nothing – like that moment of being in a theatre, watching the premiere of a Trek movie and knowing everyone in that theatre are part of the initiated. The energy, the enthusiasm, the getting-of-jokes and recognizing moments that would sail over the average movie-goers head.

And, LOL Sylvia, re your story of ditching work to see “The Wrath of Khan”. I did the same thing (for the first four Trek movies, actually) – and so, apparently, did half the people at every electronics company in Silicon Valley.

When I attended the premiere of Star Trek the Motion Picture I was prepared for the possibility of TV news cameras and, not wanting my face to be the one featured in their news segment, I was prepared with a big floppy straw hat and a copy of the newspaper. Whenever I saw a camera, down came the hat, up came the newspaper.

I made the front page of the entertainment section of the San Jose Mercury News, but all you can see of me is my hat and my newspaper. LOL!


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May 2019

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