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The following stories, essays and poems have been posted to within the past couple of months:

Their Hearts' Revenge by Shelley Butler
T'Pring seeks murderous revenge on Spock.

Alone by Spooky
Spock has to let him go...

Kirk has hope after the fal tor pan

All I SEE by Helen
Kirk can't forget Spock

Sharing the Sunlight by Jenna Sinclair
Novel in a prologue and seventeen chapters

A World Of Their Own By Mountainmistybear
A round about summary of the whole kirk/spock relationship and why i think it's just so peachy.

Private Treat by Dale
Spock gives Kirk a Halloween treat.

Come by Simone Allen
This is my first K/S story. I've been a trek fan for as long as I can remember, but have just got into K/S - hope you like.

The Wake by Mary Crawford
Near the end of "The Wrath of Khan". Kirk and McCoy share some Romulan wine.

The Kvur for What Ails You by Idic Savant
A silly little slashy fic, nonexplicit.

Though the rain slumbers by Mountainmistybear
A very rainy shore leave, and a very stubborn spock.
Tags: fan fiction, k/s fiction, kirk/spock

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