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Legacy, the kirk/spock fandom history project, is now available on CD

I'm posting this for the editor of Legacy, which is a set of five zines which details the history of kirk/spock fandom.

Hello, K/S Lovers,

Remember the set of five Legacy zines that Beyond Dreams Press published last summer? They are now available on CD! The files are presented on the CDs in .pdf format, so everybody should be able to read them.

Legacy traces the history of K/S with articles and interviews, and it commemorates that history with brand new K/S fiction. There's never been anything like it in any fandom, and there was tremendous interest in these zines from a broad spectrum of fannish readers. For details, go to (; there are excerpts from the fiction and the articles there.

Beyond Dreams Press has reduced CD prices across the board, plus there's a price break for buying five volumes at once.
In the U.S., each volume of Legacy on CD now costs $8 each. Five volumes for $36.
In Canada and Mexico, each volume of Legacy on CD now costs $9 each. Five volumes for $40.
All other countries, each volume of Legacy on CD now costs $10. Five volumes for $45.
For now, Legacy can be ordered by sending Paypal to kszines at aol dot com. Or by sending check or money order made payable to Beyond Dreams Press to:
Beyond Dreams Press
P.O. Box 494996
Garland, TX 75049
Shortly, I hope to have Paypal buttons up on the Beyond Dreams Press website, and also have the CDs available through _www.knightwriter.org_ ( .

If anybody has any questions, please write to kszines at aol dot com and ask! Plus, here's the ad for Legacy that has been appearing in The K/S Press; it provides more information for those who are curious.

Legacy is not your ordinary all-fiction K/S zine, for the Legacy project commemorates the thirtieth anniversary of K/S and traces our history with an emphasis on its earliest days. Read not only brand-new fiction and poetry, see not only new artwork, but also read non-fiction articles about the growth of K/S zines, the history of K/S art, the explosion of K/S onto the Internet, and lots more. Read the fierce debate that erupted in the seventies over the whole concept of K/S. PLUS read over twenty interviews with many of those who were there at the Time of the Beginning, including talks with Syn Ferguson, Gayle F. (author of the Cosmic Collected, including "Desert Heat"), Carol F (editor of Thrust), Victoria C. (editor of Nome), Leslie Fish and many more. There are more than 550 pages of brand new, never published, never posted fiction in the five volumes of Legacy. Authors include: Debbie C., Deanna Gray, Anne Elliot, Khiori, Isabol, Jesmihr, Kathy S., Kathleen R., Carolyn Spencer, Anna S. Greener, Dovya Blacque, Elise Madrid, Robin Hood, Diegina, A.T.B., Patricia Roe, Bethany Hawke and Addison Reed plus many more.
Tags: fan fiction, k/s fiction, kirk/spock

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