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Loki riding

The K/S Press

The latest issue of The K/S Press, # 147 is in the mail/email.

This issue includes a “Happy Holidays” CGA by Ivy and reviews on:
Broken Images by Beverly Sutherland
Fetish by Jenny Starr
Two Ships Passing by Dovya Blacque
In the Night by Dovya Blacque
None So Blind by Brianna Falken
Home Is The Hunter by Nancy Kippax and Beverly Volker
The Last Game By Elizabeth Scott
Art by Deeb
The Wake by Mary Crawford
The Kvur For What Ails You by Idic Savant

Plus, Liz's K/S commentary, with photos, on “The Immunity Syndrome”.


Want to connect with K/S fandom? Then subscribe to the longest-running K/S letterzine of them all: Over 140 issues so far!

We're looking for reviews of stories, artwork, and poetry from both print zines and online fiction. Reviews can be short or long, and be for brand new work or old favorites.

Find out when new zines are published, share your favorite online links and websites, trade opinions in free-wheeling discussions, check out the latest K/S want ads.

We also have the latest information on K/S conventions.

Each issue features one of Liz's Episode Commentaries - a TOS episode seen through slashy eyes, complete with delightful screencaps.

Subscribers can borrow from the Kirk/Spock Zine Library, featuring more than 150 out-of-print K/S zines in both American and European branches, for the cost of postage only.

Co-editors: Kathleen Resch and Shelley Butler

Our average monthly issue is 36 pages long. Choose between print and email issues.

The deadline for each issue is the 25th of each month.

Cost for The K/S Press:
$13 for one year via email anywhere
$27 in print to the U.S.
Email for other rates.

Send subscriptions to Shelley Butler.
PayPal: TheSButlerDidIt@aol.com
Check/money order to The K/S Press, 22336 Lanark Street, West Hills, CA 91304.

Please send submissions (reviews, commentary, ads, etc.) to Kathleener@aol.com or Kathleen Resch, PO Box 1766, Temple City, CA 91780


Loki riding

May 2019

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