catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

Lawrence of Arabia

I rewatched the first half of "Lawrence of Arabia" today, which reminded me of just how gorgeous Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif look together.

Here's some lovely little quotes about that movie I found by googling:

The film hints at T. E. Lawrence's homosexuality:
"The restored version begins with Lawrence wearing mascara and behaving for all the world like Noel Coward. The ambiguity of his relationships with King Faisal and with the Omar Sharif character are astonishingly direct, certainly as far as looks, vocal tone, body and camera placement are concerned." Keith Howes, (1993), Broadcasting It, page 450.
"The whole story, and certainly Lawrence, was very, if not entirely, gay. We
thought we were being very daring at the time. Lawrence and Omar, Lawrence and the Arab boys." David Lean interviewed by Jonathan Yardley, The Guardian, 28th. April, 1991.

Isn’t it sad, over 40 years after “Lawrence of Arabia” was released, that a film like “Alexander the Great” has to be so timid at even implying Alexander’s bisexuality? I wonder what David Lean would have done with the subject?

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