catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

I took Orange Grove Boulevard on my way home from work on December 31 and smiled when I saw all the people with their tents, sleeping bags, and BBQs camped out to see the New Year's Day Rose Parade. (Today's icon is a pic of one of the prizewinning floats, a tribute to "Bollywood").

As is tradition, the weather was glorious on New Year's Day - warm and sunny and crystal clear, so everyone in colder climes can see what Southern California is like mid-winter. (The Rose Parade was started well over a century ago as a marketing gimmick to get people to move to California. I'd say it succeeded.)

As is tradition on January 2, it's gloomy and cold and damp and chilly today. Looks like rain. I don't know how those Rose Parade people do it; it's only rained once or twice on their parade in well over a century.

Wonderful floats! I watched on TV, as my days of camping out on sidewalks are way over. But I did see the stealth bomber as it passed over my neighborhood - though nowhere near as close as the year it passed directly over my house and I got a good view of its undercarriage. Pretty damn impressive plane.

I have a huge long to-do list to do, so I guess I better get moving. :-)

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