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Apollo Sunrise


Well, I wrote 2000 words today. Very uninspired, pedestrian words, but words, and they accomplished the basics of setting the scene and emotions and tone. Very flat, boring words, but I'll fix that later.

It's nice to be writing again. I barely wrote a word last year. There's something about the search for employment which cuts off the creative process in my brain. I set aside a certain amount of relaxation time, to enjoy my favorite shows and books and yahoo lists and zines and LJ and email, but when it came to writing, as soon as I even thought about it, I'd start thinking there had to be more places to send out more resumes out into that great black hole.

I am so fortunate to be working permenantly again. I am so grateful I had a long term temp job this year. And I am so happy to even be starting to write again.


This is good news, on both accounts. So, what are you writing?
Thanks! I'm writing kirk/spock. I wrote a lot of K/S in the 80s, nothing at all in that fandom in the 90s, and suddenly I jumped back into writing K/S in 2004. I suddenly have a whole bunch of new stories in me.
Yay for writing! :)

I find that it helps keep a lot of RL crap at bay, and that's why I've been so prolific the past two years! :)
>>>I find that it helps keep a lot of RL crap at bay

Writing fic got me through a lot of RL crap 2 - 3 years ago. But I just couldn't find any time for it this year - I'd had plot bunnies but no oomph. Looking for work is so emotionally exhausting it really took all the other creativity out of me.
So glad to hear you're writing! I'm never entirely happy unless I have some writing project on the go.
Same here - when I'm not actively working on a story the world seems just a little bit dimmer. When I am actively writing and it's going well the world feels like it's filled with a really cool extra surge of energy. Glad to be back into it!
There are breathing in and breathing out times, as somebody somewhere said. You need to breathe in to exhale so it all works out overtime.

I'm very glad to hear you're writing.
I always need to remind myself of the cycles of things... Last year seemed more like a "running till I'm breathless" year, but it's all a part of the process, isn't it?

>>>I'm very glad to hear you're writing.


Oh, nice to hear you're writing again!
Thanks so much! I just saw you had a new UNCLE story - I plan to read it next week.
Definitely! It's good just to be writing again; it's been awhile.
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