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Spock Head Tilt

LOL, Klingon Keyboards (No, I do NOT want one)




That is amazing. If you type on it, does klingon come out or English?
No idea. There's always a large quantity of "Klingons" who go to Shore Leave - I'll be sure to ask one of them. :-)
I had another look and it types in a "Klingon Font" - presumably the output is in English, or whatever language you happen to be typing in... ;-)
I heard there's going to be Vulcan and Romulan versions, too. I don't know exactly how they can fit those long scrolly Vulcan characters on little square keys... but it sounds kinda logical cool.
What a kick! No, I don't think those Vulcan characters will fit on little keys. :-) It'll be interesting to see what they come up with.

Great icon, btw.
Too bad they don't have this as a laptop, because my boss just okayed it for me to upgrade my work laptop . . . That would really freak them out at the board meetings. :-)
LOL, what a wonderful image!