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Spock Head Tilt

"What's my motivation?"

Here’s a recent NPR interview/trivia game with Leonard Nimoy. The show features a game called, “Wait, wait, don’t tell me!” where the radio hosts asks celebrities trivia questions. Nimoy answered questions about 1960s “baby doctor” Dr. Benjamin Spock.

The segment is 12 minutes long; the host interviews Nimoy for the first several minutes and the segment ends with the trivia quiz.


I had to LOL about how the radio host starts out. He gets into fanboy mode right away. Right after Nimoy walks on, the radio host asks: “I want to jump right in with the most important question – in the episode Amok Time – ”


Radio host: “But I’m not going to do that.”

Nimoy: “It was one of our best, by the way.”

Radio host: “I think so too. It was written by Theodore Sturgeon.”

Nimoy: “I’m so glad you mentioned it. Spock was in heat.”

Radio host: “He was!”

Nimoy: “It happens once every seven years.”

Radio host: “Yeah, that’s exciting.”

Nimoy: “Well worth waiting for.”

Radio Host: “It’s interesting of course, because an actor’s question is, ‘what’s my motivation?’, but in THAT episode...! ....Boy!”

Nimoy: “Heh heh heh...”

Lots more fun stuff in the interview, including how, when he’d attended a political event several months ago, “one of our recent presidential candidates” gave him the Vulcan salute.


Excellent! Extremely funny bits. Thanks for sharing.
You're very welcome. I loved this interview; so entertaining!
*Definitely* go and listen to the whole interview - it's well worth it. I only transcribed a minute or two; the entire interview is 12 minutes long.