catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

A few years back I watched Barack Obama speak at the Democratic convention (on TV, of course) and thought, “That man’s got a future.”

About a year ago, I began thinking, “That man is *our* future.” When I voted for him in the California primary in February, it felt so good to be voting for someone I actually believed in.

By summertime I decided it was time to stop talking and start doing. I spent lots of hours from August to November volunteering for the Obama campaign, mostly selling buttons and t-shirts and bumper stickers, etc., plus data entry, plus voter registration, plus phone calls. It was a wonderful experience; such energy, such excitement, such hope! I met all kinds of people and had lots of great conversations.

And now, today – what an inspirational day!

Of course he can’t do everything, and what he can do won’t happen overnight. A guy at work was saying to me, "You know, things won't turn around overnight". And I knew he was ex-Navy, so I said, "How long does it take to turn one of those aircraft carriers around?" He said "3 1/2 miles". I said exactly – it takes awhile to change direction, but the first step is starting the turn.

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