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Apollo Sunrise

A few years back I watched Barack Obama speak at the Democratic convention (on TV, of course) and thought, “That man’s got a future.”

About a year ago, I began thinking, “That man is *our* future.” When I voted for him in the California primary in February, it felt so good to be voting for someone I actually believed in.

By summertime I decided it was time to stop talking and start doing. I spent lots of hours from August to November volunteering for the Obama campaign, mostly selling buttons and t-shirts and bumper stickers, etc., plus data entry, plus voter registration, plus phone calls. It was a wonderful experience; such energy, such excitement, such hope! I met all kinds of people and had lots of great conversations.

And now, today – what an inspirational day!

Of course he can’t do everything, and what he can do won’t happen overnight. A guy at work was saying to me, "You know, things won't turn around overnight". And I knew he was ex-Navy, so I said, "How long does it take to turn one of those aircraft carriers around?" He said "3 1/2 miles". I said exactly – it takes awhile to change direction, but the first step is starting the turn.


YAY! I'm so glad that the inauguration went off without a hitch...I was terrified that Obama would be shot or something terrible would happen. And DOUBLE YAY for a Prez I can finally be proud of!!!
I was terrified too that something would happen - and so many people I've spoken with said the same thing. And yes!!! DOUBLE YAY for a President I can be proud of!!!
Excellent post ... agree completely.
The other "Clarkbird" - who can be pretty psychic at times - told me that he was watching TV with a friend when Obama made that first important speech. He told his friend, "That's our next President!" His friend thought he was out of his mind...

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Yesterday was such a special day. The beginning of a new...understanding, I hope. Good for you for all your volunteering; I hope you feel a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Now...for all of us to get to work. Bush almost took my sense of what it means to be an American away from me, and I need to make sure it's restored.
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