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Apollo Sunrise

Tech Help, anyone?

I'm going to build a website for a friend who has been sending out a fannish newsletter via bcc email for some time. But the list has gotten very big; it's just too cumbersome to keep doing it that way. She would like to send out her newsletter via the email address that comes with the website.

I contacted the hosting service I'm thinking of using for the website. The hosting service said I need to have a unsubscribe link in each email; it can't just go to an email address; when someone unsubscribes it has to automatically remove that email from a database.

What she's been doing in the past is, when someone wants to unsubscribe they just email her. The addresses aren't even in a database right now; they're just in Word.

Does anyone have a link to a tutorial which could give me advice on how to do this? Any other ideas where I can start? Thanks!


Hmm. I'll be totally honest with you and say that I've never poked around the mailing list section of my website, but I'd be happy to set you up with a subdomain and a mailing list, and you can poke around it and the FAQ to see if it will serve your purposes? I'll also be honest in telling you that my net time's pretty limited, so I wouldn't really be able to do anything but set up that initial subdomain and mailing list and let you go wild.

If you're interested, let me know! :D
Thanks so much for the offer! I think I have a lead on what I need; I'll know this weekend, but if it doesn't work out and your offer is still open I'll be back in touch early next week. MUCH appreciated. :-)
There are a number of different programs that can be installed that will handle that -- just import the email addresses out of a text file and into the database. The hosting service thinks you're inquiring about a commercial mailing list but you're not. If this is a fannish newsletter to which people have individually subscribed, it's a whole different thing entirely. It doesn't fall under the "spam" law at all.

I can certainly point you in the right direction for everything.
Thanks so much; I'd appreciate any links and advice you can give me.
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