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Loki riding

20 Questions, Star Trek Style

Here's a fun Star Trek computer game:


Think of a person, place or thing that appeared in any Star Trek series or movie. The game will then ask you 20 questions, trying to guess the answer.

I stumped it with Charlene Masters and Tonia Barrows. It argued with me about Tonia, but it asked me if the character I was thinking of wore a red shirt, and technically Tonia wears a red dress, so I said no.

(When I'm writing fic, I like to incorporate some of the actual Enterprise crewmembers if they fit in with the storyline instead of just inventing new crewpeople. I had Tonia in a cameo role in one story, and Charlene might be in another.)



I've played twice and fouled it up on Dr. McCoy first (24 questions) and Scotty (28 questions). It tends to pick non-TOS characters first for some reason.

Re: Hmmm

I've noticed that - it seems skewed toward the later Treks.
It seems definitely skewed toward the later Treks.
I do not at all regret to say that I've stumped it too, with "Kirk's dick".

In desperation, the program came up with "Is it a tribble?"

ROTFL! Can't you just see him holding a tribble - or a handful of tribbles - as a cover up???