catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

Teakettles are so 20th century?

I'm amazed at the things that go out of style. Fashion, hairstyles, books, movies - that all makes sense. But whistling teakettles?

OK, I know I can be oblivious. I guess everyone is microwaving water for tea these days. But tea made with microwaved water just doesn't taste right.

My old teakettle sprang a leak so I went to buy another one - none to be had, at least not for a decent price. I could buy a designer one for $40 and up, but a plain old ordinary teakettle... I guess they're so 20th century....

I was able to find one in a local pharmacy (for $10.00). It works just fine and now I can enjoy tea and hot chocolate the way I like them best.

(I also did not realize that hanging lamps are out of style, until the one located near the sofa and the loveseat died. There's no room in that area for a standing or table lamp, so I thought I'd just go out and replace it. Wrong! I got it fixed instead. Now, I knew furniture goes through style changes too, but it didn't occur to me a particular "type" would go out of style.)
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