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Nimoy Quinto

Star Trek Panel at Escapade (slash convention)

I co-moderated this panel at the slash convention Escapade this past weekend:

“With the new movie release, and fanfilms getting more press than usual lately, what's new on the Trek fandom front this year? What's on the rise, what's on the decline, how is the new movie catching your attention (or making you cringe) and how is the ur-slash fandom integrating the next new generation of fans (they get younger and younger every year!)?”

We discussed the various trailers for the upcoming movie in the panel. A 4th trailer was released on Friday, March 6.

Here are youtube links for the trailers:

4th trailer, released 3-6-09

3rd trailer (with Leonard Nimoy)

2nd trailer is identifical to 3rd, except no Nimoy.

1st trailer, Nimoy voiceover, Enterprise under construction, December 2008 release date


So what was the consensus? Is the new movie generally seen in a good light? Or do you think it's going to be by most as little more an an AU?
Most people had a skeptical "let's wait and see" attitude. Several of the people present were general Trek fen - by that I mean, they had seen some or all versions of Trek, and their preference would have been to see an entirely new set of characters set some time after the Next Gen/DS9/Voyager era.
Sounds like a great panel! Makes me wish I'd been able to attend that con. I'd be interested in hearing what came out of the panel, too. :-)

(Partly because I'm one of the younger fans myself.)
We never actually got around to discussing younger fans in any detail at all.

Part of the discussion was about the fanfilm versions of Trek.

Most of the discussion centered around concerns about the new movie. I started out by listing four "points of concern"* that fans have expressed and we discussed each one.

*Four points:
- Chris Pine - is he up to playing Kirk?
- William Shatner and fan disappointment that he wasn't included in the movie
- What some fans feel are "out of character" moments in the trailers
- Rebooting - will the movie wipe out the TOS universe and start with a fresh slate.
Thanks for the info!

Re: 4 &ndash I'm not up to date on all plot points that are out, not having read the comics, but I believe it's going to end up in an altered timeline and that isn't a bad thing IMO. It leaves the continuation of the old canon to the fans and gives us a new sandbox to play in. :-) My 2 cents. It must have been an interesting discussion.
It definitely looks like they're heading into an altered timeline; this is one of the concepts that's causing a lot of concern on the part of some old time fans, who are expressing the concern that this will somehow invalidate all of TOS. I don't necessarily agree with them - it all depends on how the storyline is handled, and I tend to agree with you that an alterered timeline may be best. (I'm also wondering what's the point of a "character goes back in time to prevent time from being changed" story if the timeline still is changed. Then again, they may be going for this concept: "character goes back in time to prevent history being changed; does so, but changes history in an entirely different way."

We'll see in just a few weeks...! :-) I'm looking forward to it; several of us are planning to go as a group.
I'm leaning towards the second concept you noted &ndash "history changed in a different way". Hopefully, they have found a way for the old and the new version to coexist peacefully.

I can hardly wait till it's May 7th. (That reminds me, I still have to see if there are any fans willing to do a meet-up at a cinema...) I hope you and your group have fun. :D Oh my, this is so exciting. I never thought I'd see classic ST get new source material in my lifetime.
I hope you can find some friends for a meetup. I'm getting very focused on May 7; like you, I can't believe we're getting new Classic Trek!
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