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Spock Head Tilt

Pope Benedict and Condoms...

I see Pope Benedict thinks that the use of condoms could endanger public health and increase the problem of HIV/Aids.


I'd like to refer the pope to this book:

"Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women" by Alexa Albert


The author began this project as an examination of the incidence of STDs among the legal prostitutes in Nevada; she was surprised to find out that, because of the mandatory use of condoms, the level of STDs was nearly zero. Maybe ex "working girls" could go out and educate the pope and others of his opinion on the proper use of condoms? ;-)

I grew up 40 miles from one of those brothels. When I heard they accepted MasterCard and Visa I laughed my rear off (alas, it came back...) and wondered if they put "for services rendered" on the receipt.


I am shocked, shocked at the Pope's pronouncement! *sarcasm galore*

As usual, head up his cassock.
Yup, head up cassock right. I'm sure there's a special place in hell for someone who has condemned so many people to die...
I think, every time Pope Benedict opens his mouth, of the toll that syphilis takes on the human mind. I guess he figures if he keeps talking big, people will really buy that he doesn't have sex. Although given his countenance, it's possible.
It's an evil, evil thing he's done. And, heh, you're probably right; he doesn't get any so no one else should.
Pope Benedict makes me ashamed to be German.
Oh yes, I'd forgotten he was once "Cardinal Rat". Popes don't seem to have any nationality to me; they become "generic". Be glad you're rid of him.
"personal entertainment" natch. ;)

Re: Pope B the Ignorant, well... he's old. Won't be pope for too long, will he?
LOL, yes, "personal entertainment". I remember hearing how, in the 70s, the brothel in Searchlight, NV, generated enough in the way of taxes to pay for at least 50% of the county's budget. Now we're talking about a county with almost no population, but still, that's another reason why Nevada has no state income tax.

Re the Pope, yup, he is pretty old, but they'll probably replace him with one just as bad....
Given the amount of influence this man has, particularly in the 3rd world where AIDS is decimating some populations, these words are a (slow and argonising) death sentence. I wish I believed in the "Last Judgement", and be a fly on the wall when it's PB's turn to face God...
Considering all the people he has condemned to death, I expect there will be a nice warm corner in hell waiting for him.
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