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I love LA...

I love LA. I mean that seriously. I love its astonishing ethnic diversity. I love the fact that four different languages are spoken at my workplace (which is a small business), and that a fifth language, Mandarin, is the primary language in the neighbhorhood in which I live. I love the fact that I can talk to so very many different people from every inhabited continent and hear all kinds of stories. It’s Persian New Year now; I learned this at work the other day, and in the LA Times today, which had a quote from the Iranian mayor of Beverly Hills. I was recently given a box of Armenian fruit-shaped candy; the candy is so astonishingly beautiful it’s a shame to actually eat them (they’re delicious).

Here’s a great article from today’s LA Times – “Knitting Stitches Together Diverse Seniors in Hollywood” by Sandy Banks.


Here’s a quote: “She goes around the table, telling me everybody's name, ticking off their countries of origin -- Germany, Korea, Armenia, Italy, India, El Salvador. . . . "Where are you from, Trudy?" she asks. Sivick looks up from the purple blanket she's knitting. "I'm from Philadelphia."

Truly, something for everyone.


Oh man you summed up everything I love about LA. Thank you for sharing that, it brightened my NC night! I miss that diversity and flood of difference, the celebration of so many different ways of being all in one place. The sheer mass of people and of languages, foods, holidays. WOW! Thanks!!!!
Contrary to general opinion, it sounds like LA is not that different from SF! The North and the South (of California) are one, LOL!
Yes. Beautifully stated. :)
Thanks and hugs!