catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

Supernatural 03-19-09 - "On The Head of a Pin"

This post contains no specific spoilers, just hints.

I spent most of last night catching up on all kinds of comments on Thursday’s Supernatural episode. Wow – where can they possibly go from here? It’s beginning to look to me as if Kripke did have a big overarching plan for Sam and Dean, rather than making it up as he went along (can we say Chris Carter?)

Jared and Jensen just get better and better. That last scene with Dean – words fail me. Jensen is astonishing.

And Sam is making quite the journey. As someone else pointed out on the internets, 2nd season Sam was all angsting about being sucked into the dark side, but he still had that aura of “goodness”. He’s lost that now; now he has one foot in hell; he’s on a long and dangerous slide. And yet I think he may well have the strength to save both of them.

I’ve always figured they’re both going to meet a bad end. How can it go any other way? How could Dean *possibly* recover from the events of this episode? Can you take a character down that far and ever even bring him partially back?

And yet, after this dark dark episode, after reading tons of comments, I’m thinking that maybe they can still redeem everything. Or else go out in a blaze of sacrificial glory.

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