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"The Monster at the End of This Book"

After I watched the first 10 minutes of this episode, I remember feeling a quick succession of:
Did they really SAY *that*?
Should I be embarrassed/ticked off?
And Big Grin - they really did say *that* and I'm cool with it.

All I can add is, I think SPN just recruited a whole bunch of new slash fans.....
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Incredible, isn't it?! Really, really funny/strange/weird :)
Yes. Indeed! It made my brain hurt. I was sitting there thinking that whole storyline had been done on "Heroes" and then they started talking about slash!!! and at first I thought I was having an ADD moment and daydreaming instead of paying attention to the show...! And then I realized - no, they really were talking about slash on SPN.

Funny strange weird indeed!
Funny that a couple of rather, er, ah, normal looking gals in my RWA group all squee'd "oooo. He said slash on TV!" Now I have to figure out if they just know about it, or actually like it. ;-D Never judge a book by it's mundane haircut, eh?

LOL! Fans are everywhere, and wearing mundane haircuts. :-) I keep having to remind myself about how public knowledge of slash is. I'm curious if they actually like slash.
"its" not "it's". doh!

I'll let you know.