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Nimoy Quinto

Skimming through a metafandom link today reminded me how much a lot of people hate spoilers, which reminded me how much I love spoilers, which got me searching for spoilers for the new Trek film, which brought up the following links, all of which were a bit disappointing. (The first link leads to a site which hasn't been updated in awhile.)




Anyone have links to any current spoilers from the screenings in Australia and Austin?

Only a few weeks to go...


Thanks so much! It's so cool they pulled this surprise - it must have been amazing to be there and suddenly realize what was going on.

{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}} to you.

Actually you can see the Austin surprise announcement now. The Great Bird of the Galaxy bless the Internet. :)

Also, come check out my LJ for a moment. Just a quick sketch, but... art school for the win. ;)

I just love Youtube! Thanks for the link; that was fun! I do love to watch Leonard...