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Loki riding

"You must be Irish...!"

This happens to me about twice a year, but I'm always charmed by it.

A client says to me, "You must be Irish!"

"Nope. Not a drop of Irish blood. I'm Austrian." (Well, Euromutt actually - a little bit of this, a little bit of that - but too much information.)

"But Kathleen is an Irish name."

"My grandparents came over from the "old country", settled in an Irish neighborhood, and named their daughter a typical American name - Mary Kathleen. And I'm named after her. Still no Irish blood, though."

So, this client has now decided he's going to call me Frieda instead. LOL!


Better than Heidi, or Brunhilde! ;-)
hey! Brünhilde's AWESOME!! ~_^ (i'm the daughter of an opera conductor who is one of THOSE Wagner nuts... lol.)

Frieda. Sheesh.