catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

For a moment it looked like the aliens had landed...!

On lunch break at work, we had the TV on. Now this TV is hooked up to one of those highly-touted converter boxes; the ones that allow old analog TVs to receive digital signals. Fine in theory. In actual fact, we’re lucky to get sound-and-picture on even one channel. Today, we were channel surfing and came across a channel with sound so muddled it was inaudible and an often-pixillated picture showing what appeared to be a flying saucer floating across a western landscape. Of course we decided that the aliens must be landing (LOL!) but finally, in frustration, I went to Yahoo and found all about the great balloon caper. I figured the kid was probably hiding somewhere, laughing at his practical joke – and this was the granddaddy of them all. How many practical jokes wind up temporarily closing part of an airport, after all?

Six years old and grounded for life! Those kids are sure in a big heap of trouble. But the second or third thought to cross my mind was this: When I was 3 years old, a friend of my dad’s took him, my mom, and me, up in a private four-seater airplane. While in flight, enchanted by the view, I decided I could get a much better look if I just opened the airplane door.... I can still see my hand reaching out toward that tantalizing handle.... My parents never let me live that one down. Kids do think they have great ideas – and I’m sure those two balloon caper boys thought they were enormously clever....!

PS - I have the TV on in the background now and I just heard the whole balloon thing might have been a "hoax". We were speculating at work it might have been some kind of publicity stunt - we shall see...!

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