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Spock Head Tilt

Morticia Addams/Lily Munster???

Isabel Samaras is a pro artist, but this is pure fan art - and some of it is too damn funny. (Check out Samanta and the two Darrens!) Or inspired pairings - Morticia Addams/Lily Munster... Or how how Robin/Kato?


And go to: Classic Site, Paintings

I kept on clicking until I saw them all. Bravo Isabel; these are very cool.


Any relation to Helen?
Not that I know of.
Great artist anyway.
Having once or twice been to her house in years gone by, I can tell you that she is as fun as her paintings and other art stuff. I'm frequently sorry that we lost touch over the years.
She sounds like great fun - what an imagination! Why don't you try emailing her through the site and get back in touch that way?
The one that broke my brain was Kirk and Spock as the Lone Ranger and Tonto.
LOL, yes, I got quite the kick out of that one. What an imagination...!