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Spock Head Tilt

Star Trek & Botox

Star Trek & Botox

I’ve had it in the back of my mind to make this post for ages, but the Kirk/Spock Community Rewatch thread has inspired me. The episode being discussed right now is “Mudd’s Women”.


A few years ago I decided to rewatch all the Classic Trek episodes. (Many plot bunnies ensued). When I rewatched “Mudd’s Women” my first thought was, “Oh, this is *so* dated.”

But the very next week, at my job, I spent some considerable amount of time doing bookkeeping work for a client – a “Botox” doctor. After endless hours of running income totals for his various procedures – Botox injections, collagen injections, dermabrasion, etc., ad infinitum, I began to wonder if “Mudd’s Women” was all that dated.

And then I suddenly remembered: I’ve met a man right here in Los Angeles county who, just a few years ago, ordered a mail order bride from Russia.

And then I considered that if Harry Mudd’s “Venus Drug” were actually available, quite a number of people would be gulping them down like the proverbial candy.

And I got thinky on all kinds of subjects:

- One of AOL’s headline stories today was about how Photoshopping (previously airbrushing) is used to make models and actors/actresses thinner/sexier/smoother/hotter/more unrealistic/more unattainable:


- I once knew a woman who was taking Phen-Fen (before it was taken off the market). She was so desperate to lose weight that she just didn’t seem to care it was screwing with her brain. (Boy, did it ever! The last time I saw her, she was barely capable of carrying on a conversation). She sacrificed her brain for her figure. It was terrifying.

- The “dress code” in Corporate America. (Remembering a group of women I worked with in the 90s, all of whom colored and cut their hair the exact same way, had the same French manicure, wore the same skirt-length (slightly mini), etc. And here was me, with my ankle-length skirts and purple nail polish... Always the iconoclast, I guess. :-)

“Mudd’s Women”? Not so dated after all.

PS: Here's a fun publicity still from that episode. Check out Spock's body language - and the way Kirk is looking anywhere but at the woman in his arms.



I would take the pills - but not at the expense of my brain.

I knew phenfen caused heart damage, but I didn't realise it destroyed brains, too.
The woman I mentioned wasn't the only case I knew personally about. Mental problems weren't nearly as common a side effect from Phen-Fen as heart damage, but they did occur and apparently weren't reversible.
ROFL, Spock looks so annoyed. "Back off bitch, Jim is MINE!"
He does! This still is so perfect in so many ways.
Great posting, and yeah, while I manage to stay far away from this kind of pressure it's around everywhere in society.
I stay as far away from it as I can - though in that 1990s job, or that temp job I had last year, it was pretty hard to avoid. The temp job in particular, as it was all about appearances.
Very cool posting. And yes, the "Venus Drug" is a rather common concept now.

That photo has a rather interesting dynamic, yes. To me it seems Kirk is totally disregarding the woman and is more into flirting with the camera while Spock is clearly upset... "are you cheating on me, Jim?" :D
Yes to all of that. I posted the pic over on the kirkspock community as well, and one woman had an interesting comment - that the woman in the picture has this "sneaky sneaky" look, as if she knows she and Kirk are "cheating" on Spock.
Hm, I don't know about that but she definitely considers Kirk to be quite the catch and a worthy trophy. And I think I detect something of an aura of "the cat that ate the canary" about her. Though my favourite is still Spock's indignant look. *giggle*
I do love that indignant look!
I don't think it's dated either. Not in the sense of human nature's eternal search for the 'fountain of youth' (and beauty). Whatever the particular era's standard of 'looking good,' that's what we all scramble to reach, to one degree or another. That's what affirms my belief that we are definitely *not* the smartest beings in the universe, lol!

No, we're definitely *not* the smartest beings in the universe. But we are definitely "hard-wired" to set and try to attain certain standards of beauty. Now I'm thinking about those peacocks that live near where I do - the peahens definitely want the peacocks with the best tails...! ;-)
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