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Loki riding

Photos of Leonard Nimoy from the 1967 gay-themed movie Deathwatch

Wow - look at these pics of Leonard Nimoy from the 1967 gay-themed movie Deathwatch.


Here’s a quote from a review of “Deathwatch”:
The Murderer, The Thief and The Homo: Director Vic Morrow keeps the cipherlike characterizations but brings a cinematic quality to Genet's one-set stage play. Leonard Nimoy (who coproduced the film with Morrow) is the small-time thief who battles with queer Paul Mazursky over illiterate, muscular king convict Michael Forest. The three are constant cellmates so things turn a bit twitchy, talky, and tense. Deathwatch is a bold gay-themed mainstream movie which vanished rapidly on release and has never been screened since.


Oooh, he looks so YOUNG.
He looks barely legal...! ;-)
Looks sad.
Sad is a mild description of this movie. Try depressing, wrist-slashing existential despair - a much better description. Also, oddly enough, dull in the way only art films can be dull. But Nimoy looks great! Lots of it are best watched without the sound turned up.
It's the Vic Morrow part that surprises me, even more than Leonard being in it. I never heard of "Deathwatch" before. Too bad they didn't at least drag it out of the closet to put it on DVD. Bet there'd be quite a bit of interest in it *now*.
I'm amazed it's not out on DVD. OK, it is an incredibly depressing, existential angst, slooooow art-house movie - but that's no disqualification. ;-) There's movies out on DVD that have a much smaller potential audience - why not bring this one out? There may be some legal issues; that's often the case when something hasn't been released. Look at how long it took to bring UNCLE out. (I'm a happy owner of the complete UNCLE series in that nifty attache case box...!)
Loki riding

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