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Loki riding

While I'm on the subject of a young Leonard Nimoy...

How about some picspam? Here's a screenshot of Nimoy in an episode of "Sea Hunt".



Someone on LJ linked to the youtube clips of that episode a while ago... I must say I didn't catch most of the plot. ;-) Gorgeous LN in that screencap! :D
Plot? There was a plot? :-) Actually, I was annoyed by the whole "cowardly man and self-righteous wife" plot, but, without the sun, it was pure pleasure to watch him wearing so little. ;-)
He looks quite rakish with his long hair over one eye. It's a lovely shot. :-)
We all gasped over it at Shore Leave. It's one of those "grab that screenshot at just that one second...!" things.
Spock going through his emo stage.
A CGA artist really needs to do the ears and eyebrows....!