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Loki riding

Here's George Takei and his husband on The Newlywed Game

Here's George Takei & his husband on the Newlywed Game? (Part 1 & part 2, no commercials.)




Awww, man, that was adorable! Go George and Brader!
They are so adorable! I loved watching the two of them together.
I'd never seen George's husband Brad before, but he is uber-adorable. They are really sweet together. Thanks for posting this!
Isn't he indeed! I love watching them together. They both attended the last Shore Leave & they got an overwhelmingly positive response - the convention goers were filled with love for the two of them. George was the very first SL guest, all those 30+ years ago, and the organizers felt that it would be perfect timing to invite George back - along with his husband.