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Who on earth came up with the idea of having NaNoWriMo in November, anyway? While I like the concept, there's no way I'm tackling a huge writing project during a month which, in the US, contains a huge time-consuming holiday. And how about having it in a month with a full 31 days?

I think I'm going to go for JaNoWriMo (January) or maybe MaNoWriMo (March) and get back to work on my K/S novel WIP which has been sitting around unfinished for longer than I want to admit...


I totally agree! What a dumb time to hold it! November is not only Thanksgiving but Christmas craziness, too. :) I have more shopping to do, write and address my Christmas cards, and decorate after Turkey Day. :)

I think it would make much more sense to take place in January or March when people are in the post-holiday search for stuff to do. :)

You should get on that WIP! Even if it's only a sentence on some days. My pro novel is up over 42,000 words now since September 8th (hmm, significant date, LOL). I decided against shooting for 50,00 words in a month so that I wouldn't have a nervous breakdown. :)

The daily routine really works! :)
Yes! Exactly! I love sending out cards and putting up decorations and always start right after Thanksgiving. And there's always gift shopping, though I try to do that throughout the year.

January seems to me the perfect time to start - or continue - a big writing project. It's the season of good resolutions, after all. ;-) I did 10,000 words one New Year's Weekend about three years ago. I'm hoping to do something similar this year.

Congratulations on the 42,000 words!

Yes, I agree, the daily routine is what keeps me going once I start a big project. Which will not ever be in November.

50,000 words in a month.... Nah, I don't think so. My job keeps me too busy. If I did a thousand words each worknight (which won't happen as my brain is often tapioca when I come home from work) and then 3000 words each on each weekend day (assuming I'm not out and about doing things), my most optimistic expectation - way past reality - is that I could do 44,000 words in one month. Which ain't never going to happen; not with my current schedule.
Usually I'm all finished with the shopping except for last-minute items, but this year's slow for some reason. So, in the next few weeks I have to check those items off my list and prepare for Christmas! :)

This time of year is also crazy fannishly. I signed up for a gift exchange and have my own Challenges to fill, so NaNo just wouldn't fit into my schedule for RL or fandom!
>>>This time of year is also crazy fannishly. I signed up for a gift exchange and have my own Challenges to fill, so NaNo just wouldn't fit into my schedule for RL or fandom!

Exactly! What with Yule, and gift exchanges, etc., NANO is so completely impractical.

Good luck with your shopping!
A friend and I did that one month. We chose January, gave it a name (which I have long forgotten) and decided that we would write something every day that month. It worked very nicely for us.
I'm glad that worked so well! I'm determined, barring RL interruptions, to have January be my "WriMo"
What you said, sistah!!
Let us know how your personal JaNoWriMo goes, Kathy. I agree that November is a ridiculous choice -- I bet you anything that was picked by a man, who has no idea of the extra obligations so many women have during the holidays.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to do JaNoWriMo - I have big ideas, now I need the time. LOL, I bet you're right and the November "venue" was picked by a guy; it wouldn't be the first choice of most women I know....
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