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Spock Head Tilt

Quelle Horreur! It's Star Trek, not Star Wars

Vermont Teddy Bears doesn't ship their bears to anywhere but the US and Canada, so when someone I know in Germany wanted a set of their Kirk and Spock bears, I volunteered to order them and mail them to her.


I ordered them tonight. The woman on the phone who took my order exclaimed, "I didn't know we had these! I have to tell my brother! He *loves* Star Wars!"

(I'll leave it to him to educate her in the difference between the two...)


Those bears are so cute but 100 bucks is a bit much...O_O
Vermont Teddy Bears are very expensive. I remember when a friend who collects teddy bears bought one a few years ago, and my jaw dropped at the price. I'm definitely not buying any for myself...!
I didn't know this! :) Happens quite a lot, doesn't it? Well, at least with people not knowing either fandom.
It'seven stronger here 'cause Star Wars has always been Star Wars whereas Star Trek was here known just as "Raumschiff Enterprise" (="Starship Enterprise") -that was the title under which the shows runs here.
And how can one mix that up anyway? There couldn't be more differences...ah, it's an old discussion.

You're so kind doing things like that and I bet the new owner of the bears was happy you did it :) :)