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Spock Head Tilt

Slash Fiction Burlesque with Spock and Dr. Who

This *has* to be seen to be believed! (Thanks to crochet_mama for the link).

I'll quote what the Youtube poster said:

“Otterpop! and DisGrace Jones perform a "Slash Fiction" skit at the Sci-Fi BaconStrip night at Rebar. Spock meets Doctor Who in a cosmic clash of male burlesque, Star Trek briefs, and cake fighting. Big apologies to anyone we might have gotten cake on and/or causing a slippery stage with our butter-creme frosting.”

The poster forgot to mention that there are lirpas and ahn woons, too. And "Amok Time" fight music.



I know! this was great. I had to watch it again. Even though Spock was in a crappy wig and costume, when that shirt came off, I found myself very interested, as well as amused, lol.
Crappy wig and costume is right, but yeah, once his shirt came off, who cares about the costume? ;-)