catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

Merry Yule!

In pagan tradition, Yule - the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year - is when the Goddess gives birth to the God as the reborn sun, and hope for new light is reborn.

Here's an entertaining book:

"4,000 Year of Christmas"

One reviewer said: "A quick, fascinating read into the anthropology of religion as seen through the lens of a single holiday. As Joseph Campbell would illustrate in much greater detail in his landmark work,"The Hero with a Thousand Faces," Dr. Count demonstrates the underlying unity in all the divergent historical religious sources of Christmas traditions."

Here in California we have plenty of sunlight today - best of luck to all of those who are swamped by snow today. The news reports look scary! Stay safe and warm and celebrate whatever holiday you like. They're all good. :-)
Tags: preacher's kid tales

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