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LOL! Leah R. has posted some great new Supernatural cartoons here (plus a lot of old favorites.) I particularly like the crossovers.



I recently dug out my old Leah and Annie Bizarro zines to go with my recent B7 addiction.
Those Bizarro zines were great! I go through a B7 phase every few years - the last time was a couple of years ago. I read a whole bunch of B7 fic, and then what did I do? Write an AU K/S novel with the concept being, what would Kirk and Spock be like in a universe like the B7 Federation. (It's not a crossover, just an inspired-by.)
That's a really interesting idea...

I once wrote a fic where Mulder was a Star Ship captain who'd idolised Captain Kirk and was desperate for a Spock of his own, and thrilled to hear he was getting a half-Vulcan/half-Human first officer, but Krycek turned out to have been raised on earth and considered himself human, despite his Vulcan father. He pretty much just disliked Vulcans and their bloody ponn far business and, yeah, crazy shit fic.
That sounds like the crackiest of crack fic! I *must* read it - where can I find it?
Oh, it was total crack. Skrycek ate chicken wings and played pool (space pool!) and was a vast disappointment to Captain Mulder.

Sadly the fic remains in a hand written note book.
One of these days you simply must share... :-)