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Spock Head Tilt

Gotta love the places Star Trek turns up

Gotta love the places Star Trek turns up. This letter was published in the 01-10-10 "Annie's Mailbox" advice column:


Dear Annie: Your readers might be able to spearhead a movement in this country that would seriously cut down on spreading the flu and may even save lives.
We need a socially appropriate way to greet each other without touching. I like the Vulcan hand sign, although it requires practice. Here's another idea: Point the right elbow toward the person, with your right hand touching your left arm or shoulder, and nod. The facial expression can indicate how formal it is. — Windsor, Maine

Dear Windsor: The elbow idea seems rather military, and most ordinary folks can't manage the Vulcan hand sign, but you make a good point that a non-physical greeting can prevent the spread of germs. Live long and prosper.