catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

Story Rec: KarraCaz's "Turning Point" (gen)

I've read and enjoyed many of KarraCaz's stories, but for some reason I'd missed "Turning Point".

It's Spock's final day at the halls of learning. Everyone he encounters - a former bully, a teacher, Sarek, Amanda - shape Spock's choices for his future.

I've always enjoyed stories dealing with how Spock chooses Starfleet over Vulcan. I also love the beauty of KarraCaz's writing; the emotional subtlety; the choice of the perfect detail. Spock's choice of music during a concert near the end was an ideal choice to illuminate his divided nature.

Here's a quote:

Sarek, apparently completely astounded, stared at his son without comprehension "Starfleet? Have I misheard, child? Thee is prepared to disregard thy duty, go against all logic, and ignore the honor of the Family - to join Starfleet?"

"A'nirih, I do not wish to cause thee any distress that is not my intention. Can thee not respect my choice, even if it is not to thy taste? I cannot remain here until I prove to myself that I am a true Vulkhanir."

"And thee hopes to do that among Humans?"

"Among Tehr'ns I will be just another Vulcan. Not a Human dressed in a Vulcan skin."

Sarek's eyebrow flared upwards, "I believe there is a flaw in that argument. No, I will not tell thee where it lies. That is for thee alone to find. Understand only that there is no easy route to self-knowledge. That will come only in time, whether thee is Human or Vulcan. But I caution thee, Spock, not all Humans will be as wise as thy mother. Thee may seek enlightenment and find only prejudice. It is not just a Vulkhanir failing. Are thee certain Starfleet is the answer?"

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