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Loki riding

Julia Ecklar's "For the Need of the One"

At a K/S party at a Shore Leave convention in the 1980s, some time after the release of “The Wrath of Khan”, someone played a tape of this song and an entire roomfull of women were in tears. I hadn’t thought about this song in years, but accidentally ran into it on Youtube while searching for something else. (It’s not a vid, but it’d be wonderful it someone would make one...!)

This is “For the Need of the One” by Julia Ecklar. It’s Spock’s dying thoughts from TWOK.

It’s simple, short, and as moving now as it was all those years ago. In just a few words she references Spock’s behavior in STTMP, the Kobyashi Maru, and the deep emotion between Spock and Kirk.


It’s hard to pick a favorite line, but this one always brought tears to my eyes:

“There were none left but old friends and children
and I could not let their deaths weigh on me.”


If you want a decent digital copy, I converted my filk tapes, and I have that one -- just let me know.

That song always reminds me of the vid of "Dante's Prayer." Loreena McKennitt was a performer at the Winnipeg Folk Festival last year, and she played that -- and it took me a second to realize why I was crying as I listened.
I would *love* to have a digital copy of "Genesis". I've just been listening to another of my favorites from the tape, "Daddy's Little Girl". "Firestarter" is one of my favorite Stephen King books, and this song was a perfect and powerful accompaniment. Thanks for the offer! You can reach me at catalenamara at yahoo dot com. See you at Escapade?

Oh yes, "Dante's Prayer". There's no other word than "perfect" for that vid. Killa does it every time. The first time I saw it I was stunned and then sobbing. Gorgeous, gorgeous work. I listen to that song every so often; the images are indelible.
I love that song -- wonderful video, too.
Julia Ecklar's work is so damn good. Remember all those awesome Mary Van D vids for Blake's 7? Particularly "Survivor's Song" and "The Hand of God". What better source for a vid than an excellent filk?
i love the song!!

and since sometime i wanted to friend you i haope is ok!
i'm officially 39 since last week so i'm over 18 too
Wonderful song, isn't it? Oh yes, it's definitely OK if you friend me; I'm flattered. :-)


Kills me.

Finally heard this for the first time....

(I was just paging through your journal, hope the comment isn't too late ^.^;;;;)

My heart is broken ;_;

Oh, the ocean of grief in this small song....

Anyways, I don't know if you already know about it, but a vid HAS been made set to this:


It incorporates scenes from TOS and TMP as well, making the sob-factor go up even more. ;_;

Re: Finally heard this for the first time....

It's never too late to comment...! :-)

>>>Oh, the ocean of grief in this small song....

Oh so true! I first heard it when Julia's tape was played at a K/S party at Shore Leave in the early 80s - we were all sobbing by the end.

>>>Anyways, I don't know if you already know about it, but a vid HAS been made set to this:

Yes! It's beautiful; I'm glad someone did this.
Loki riding

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