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CLOSET CON 2010 – a Kirk/Spock and multi-fandom slash convention

I’m posting this on behalf of Rosemary. Please email her directly with any questions:

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CLOSET CON 2010 – a Kirk/Spock and multi-fandom slash convention
AUGUST 13th - AUGUST 15th
Leicester, UK

I am Rosemary and we are running CLOSET CON again in 2010 and as so many people are new to us, I thought I ought to explain a bit about it. CLOSET is a K/S con which started in 1987 and since then we have run 9 of them, 7 at Beaumont Hall of Residence Leicester University, Leicester UK. This will be number 10!

CLOSET is rather like a weekend house party in a country house. Although the Hall is on the outskirts of Leicester, it is surrounded by botanical gardens and lawns. Here you have total K/S and fandom immersion for the weekend! Numbers run between 40 and 50 which is enough for variety but not too many for intimacy!

We are the longest running slash convention. We called it CLOSET because wanted to be discreet; people often had jobs and contacts that called for privacy. At the University we are known as Media Writers!

We are tremendously friendly, no claques, cliques, groups etc. Everyone welcome, and Chris and I know everyone by name. There is disabled access throughout. Many people come by themselves; some come with a friend, some in a small party. People have come from many countries including Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and of course the US.

We usually have a Con guest, most of whom have come from the US. Kathy R, Marcy, Jenna Sinclair, Vicky Clark and Barbara Storey, Kate Daniels, Killa have all honoured us with their presence.

Closet is still based firmly on K/S. We talk about and feature other fandoms and fandom issues, but almost everyone has K/S on her or his list of favourites. Of course we shall talk about the Reboot movie.

If you have any ideas for panels discussions or presentations, please email me at the address below.

Accommodation and all meals, including our Saturday evening buffet are included in the package price. We have the meals in the hall's pleasant dining room. Lunches are buffet style. Food is good, especially our Grand Saturday evening buffet. We dress up for this, anything from period dress to dress uniform.

Having meals so close means that we don't have to break up to go in search of food, which gives us more time for the Con.

The Con programme has many choices: you can go to a panel, watch a DVD, have a go at a competition or just relax in the lovely botanical gardens. The library is open all hours and we have a great collection of zines.

I think the 'regulars' would agree that Closet is a rather special occasion and well worth the trip. If you are coming from a distance why not have an extended holiday – maybe with your net/pen friend?

Leicester has good communication links with the rest of the UK and the Hall is only a taxi ride from the railway station.

To register please go to and click on CLOSET.

For any other questions please email me

PS Message to all old friends – we would love to see you again at CLOSET 10

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