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Spock Head Tilt

Would it be inappropriate...?

Would it be inappropriate to hum "The Stripper" while going through airport security these days...?


If anything, I'd say it is appropriate. I'm flying home for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I'm wondering what it's going to be like.
Good luck, I hope you're not stuck in hours-long lines. I went through one of those full body scanners a couple of weeks ago - it takes longer than the usual since you have to "pose" with your arms outstretched and stand still for a few seconds. So even if no one opts for the pat-down, it's still going to take extra time.
Thanks for the tip! I'm one of those people who leaves ridiculously early in order to get to the airport in plenty of time, and I get the feeling that will come in handy on this trip.
They're recommending people arrive at least two hours ahead of domestic flights (at LAX). If I were travelling this holiday, which thankfully I'm not, I'd get there around 2 1/2 hours ahead of time. I'd rather sit in the airport waiting area for an extra hour or so playing with my netbook or reading a book than worry about missing my flight.
That's my thinking, too. I'm flying out of Boston (I go to college there), which is usually a pretty efficient airport, but with the holiday right around the corner, I figure earlier is better!
It would be a patriot act.
I know there are real threats out there, but I think fliers have reached a breaking point. Security is a very good thing, but at what cost?
There's no easy answer, no easy balance to this questions. One thing's for sure, though, the horror stories that have come out these past few days re women having to display breast prosthetics and bladder cancer patients being humiliated shows there's got to be a better way.
Nawww, just very fitting for the situation. :-/
nah, it'd be more like some beatbox "Don't Touch Mah Junk", for me. Right now ye couldn't pay me to fly. Train's my fave; lotsa room to get up an' move around, and us old farts can put our feets up to sleep. And ho sinus problems like I always had on takeoff or landing.

Thirty years ago flying was a hoot, prices were good, and security largely unneeded. Now -- fuhgeddaboutit!
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