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Eccleston Piper

Santa Claus’ secret revealed!

OK, I should have posted this a week ago...! But I’ve figured out Santa Claus’ secret: He’s a Timelord and his sleigh is a Tardis.

(I’m sure a zillion Dr. Who fans have beaten me to this observation...!)


*giggle* At least I haven't heard this one. Very logical assumption though.
And as it's bigger on the inside, all the presents will fit in easily, right?
Happy new year to you!!
Plenty of room for presents. :-) Happy New Year to you too!
They even make a joke like that in the show, it goes something like this: Rose: At least you're not Santa, 9: Who says I'm not, mumbles: Red bycicle when you where 12. Of course they're not implying that the Doctor actually is Santa in a broader sense and you're not saying that Santa is the doctor, just A time lord with A TARDIS, but yes, it DOES make for a very good explanation.
LOL! Well, I'm sure I heard that line, and stored it in some inaccessible part of my brain, and it popped out this Christmas...! And it sure does work. :-)