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What's up with LJ? I'm not getting notified...

What's up with LJ? I'm not getting notified when people reply to my posts or any of my subscription notifications. I see by their help page that a lot of people are having this problem. Anyone know what's going on? Is this going to be anything like one of those occasional Yahoo Groups outages where suddenly a bunch of posts show up simultaneously, no matter when they were posted? I kinda hope so, because otherwise I don't know if anyone has replied to any of my comments, not that I've made a lot of those this week.


LJ is on a major spam blacklist; there's been discussion of it in lj-news. No idea when/if they'll get off it again...
I sure hope they resolve this soon; it's really annoying.
I have been reading a lot about the problems with notifications but I have has no problems. I get over 100 notifications a say non-sop because I belong to so many groups.

I hope they get the problem fixed without messing me up!

LL&P \\//_
I was getting 50+ myself, and then they abruptly stopped the other night. It was a shock to come home tonight and find zero notifications in my email box. I hope they get this problem fixed soon!
Lots of info on LJ news, goes on for weeks, give it a squizz.
BTW, there are work arounds.
Please tell me more about the workarounds - I have no idea what I might be missing.
The easiest one is to get an email temporarily that isn't banned, like gmail, and forward your email to that. Or check my.LiveJournal.com as all of your posts and comments are easily viewed there. That's probably even easier, now I think of it.
I am doing both - switched my email to gmail, and then, on the Manage Notifications page, I make certain that both email and 'send a message to my LJ inbox" are checked. I keep the LJ inbox page opened in a sep tab and peer at it once in a while
Thanks! I don't want to get a gmail email address as it's hard to find the time to check the email address. Plus I've never found any other email program as efficient and quick to use as the full AOL program - what a timesaver it is, not to have to click in and out of every single email. I'm all about finding ways to save time these days.

I took your suggestion and checked the "send an email message to my LJ inbox" and that is working out well.

Some LJ comments actually came through today so maybe the problem is being fixed.

>>>I keep the LJ inbox page opened in a sep tab and peer at it once in a while.

I'm always opening up multiple windows in AOL and checking them every once in awhile. I remember going to a slash party a few years ago and someone was ecstatic over being able to open multiple tabs in Firefox - I was kinda baffled by why this was such a BFD because I'd been doing it for years in AOL. I hadn't realized this was something new, at that time, for most browers.
Morgan Dawn here:
I forward my gmail to my yahoo account cause - like you - I don't have time to check separate accounts. We use gmail mainly for the google docs and to allow us to share a family calender across computer platforms.

I have 335 tabs open - and the only way to manage them i through an app called BarTab - it holds the tab open but does not load it. otherwise my browsing would be slowed to a crawl.

I've tried bookmarking etc until I realized that I am a visual person and need to 'see" to remember.
I've got to check my Yahoo address more often - can yahoo mail be forwarded? I don't use it very much because I intensely dislike their email program.

That's cool about that bartab program. Very clever that it doesn't actually load until you need it, and a good visual reminder.


MD here: yes yahoomail can be forwarded if you upgrade to a plus account ($19?? a year).

Thanks for the info. I don't think I'll do that as I'm trying to avoid incuring new expenses. I try to have most of my email sent to my main AOL address. (I have an AOL address which is "just for store spam" - i.e., when you go to a store and they want your email address so they can send you ads, I always give them this other address, and then only check it if I'm in the market for whatever it is they're selling.)
Thanks for the suggestions. I don't want to get another email address as it's hard to find the time to check the ones I have already. So I'm checking my main page and it's working out well.

Some LJ comments actually came through today so maybe the problem is being fixed.
I get almost no lj notification either, so I keep checking my inbox on lj:


There you can find all replies and messages :) HTH.
Yep, and the inbox notification have links to reply/view the exact comment/entry just like the emailed notifications.

In case you don't see all that you wanted, you need to go to the notification settings page and check the boxes to receive comments in your inbox.
Oh, good reminder because I definitely had NOT checked all the things I wanted to get informed about *palmface*
I added inbox notification to all the threads and journals I was tracking and it's working very well - thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks so much for the suggestion - I've started doing that and it's working very well.
I'm glad you posted about this, because I was wondering what was going on!

I'm also glad to find someone else who still likes AOL. *g*
It happened so abruptly. I was answering a bunch of LJ comments a couple of nights ago. My replies are automatically sent to my email box. So I was hearing ping!ping!ping! - and then - nothing. And the next day - no LJ comments in my email box at all, which *never* happens.

Yes, I love AOL. The multiple windows has always been a great convenience, and I've never found any other email program that even approaches AOL's usability. :-)
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