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Loki riding

Victorian Spock

I love the look of Spock in Victorian clothing:



So Cool!

I love that look too...here's a link to one I created back in December...there's also one or two of Victorian Kirk, but I don't have that link right in front of me...to me, Spock is perfect as a Vic! :)

http://elfqueen55.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=120#/d35isur Hope this one goes through...

Re: So Cool!

Good one! Yes, Spock is *perfect* in Victorian clothing. If you find the links to your Kirk pics please share. :-)

Re: So Cool!




All three of them, Spock included, were HARD to create, I think I came close to cracking when I did the first one linked here...sheesh...sometimes you get this creative burst and become obsessed with an idea...be a long, LONG time before I go there again...enjoy!

Let me know if the second link is incorrect, I believe it's okay but with technotard me, one never knows! :)
Mmmhmm, yes. Nimoy has this almost regal aura about him, fits that period of clothing perfectly. *daydreams of steampunk!Spock*
>>>*daydreams of steampunk!Spock*

Daydreaming too! Wouldn't it be cool to see them in an adventure (K/S of course) where they wind up in a steampunk world?
Oh yes! Just imagine McCoy's reaction to the local medicine practices. And Spock would be intrigued by the technology and possibly poke his nose in too far and have to be rescued by his Captain... *daydreams more*
I see a bunny being born...!