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Sea Hunt Nimoy

Nimoy Catlow gif

Here's a gif of part of Leonard Nimoy's nude scene in "Catlow".



Hah! I made that gif! I get a bit of a kick out of watching it bounce back and forth all over the internet. *preens*
And thank you for making this gif! It's definitely been bouncing around - I found the link on a gen/het TOS Yahoo group.
Well, it's good to know that the Naked!Nimoy love is being shared around! :-)
You did? How cool! It's been the source of much entertainment for me. :D

@catalenamara: Thanks for linking it. It never gets old. *watches naked Nimoy chest with great delight*
>>>*watches naked Nimoy chest with great delight*

Right there with you! ;-)
I did! It's funny how, even after all this time, I still try to see beyond the bottom edge of the picture. Heee. Pervert.
And I even commented... the naked Nimoy chest must have erased my memory of everything else. *g*
You and me both! Maybe one of these days that bottom screen will just "slip". ;-)