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Closeup Kitty

What's Up With LJ Anyway? Part 2

Glad I started having comments sent to my LJ inbox - though today for the first time in several days, two whole comments showed up in my AOL inbox, a whole bunch more were in my LJ inbox.

Still, hope they get this resolved some time soon...


Thanks! It's nice to get an update on what's going on. I hope they resolve it soon.
Unfortunately, it's really up to AOL.
From the sounds of it, Yahoo accounts are having the problems. Others too? Or have the others been resolved and AOL is holding out?
I seem to be getting all of mine now (I hold onto the email of my comment, which always came through, so I can check,) but I may just move my account to my Comcast email if it goes back to not letting them through.
I did't get any comments again today, so yesterday was a fluke, but I had several in my inbox. I track comments in kirkspock so I can do my modding duties, and the lack of comments was making that job difficult. The inbox is sure helping in that regards.