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Garak Bashir

My favorite Deep Space Nine vid

My favorite Deep Space 9 is back up on YouTube! This is one of the funniest vids I’ve *ever* seen - a perfect pairing of song to subject.

And I loved the nod to my second favorite Trek slash pairing, Garak/Bashir, at 1:40.



Wow- QUARK! I totally forgot how awful/fabulous he was!!! Thanks so much, I'd never seen that.
You're welcome. Armin Shimerman did such a great job with Quark - even with pounds of makeup and prosthetics, he managed to be incredibly expressive. His gestures and body language in that vid were a fine example of how much can be communicated non-verbally.
I forgot how much acting he managed to do with his eyes, too. Damn. I may have to have a DS9 rewatch this summer!