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Loki riding

More female Trekkies than male

Soo-prise! Not!



I notice slashfic didn't make the 'deviant' list. Excellent.
I was quite pleased by that too. :-)
depending on how they got their sample, the respondees may have all been slash fans anyway.
Yep, that's pretty much what I meant--that it's pretty normal for ST fans to be slash fans, by now. It makes me happy. :)
I am shocked, shocked at this finding, I tell you! ;)
43% male? I never knew there were so many men in fandom.

I call myself a Trekkie too. 'Trekker' is so PC.

Wonder how they got their sample? It's dead easy to get bias on that kind of thing, especially in fandom.
"Trekkie" was derived from "groupie" and not intended as compliment. Thus, many ST fans insisted on being called "Trekkers."

Me . . . I call myself a "Star Trek" fan. :-)
I don't use either Trekkie or Trekker - sounds like I'm a part of a cult. (Well, OK, so yes I guess I am, but no more so than many of the sports fen I know.) I say I'm a Star Trek fan, or I do like using the term fangirl, since it's generic.
>>>I never knew there were so many men in fandom.

LOL! You and me both.

Your comment reminds me of an article published in the Los Angeles Times after the Reboot movie premiered. It was illustrated with a photo of a the Trek fen who attended the premiere. The crowd was app. 50% male/50% female. The article kept talking about fanboys, fanboys, fanboys. Not one mention of the women, though lots of women were clearly visible in the photo. Amazing how that invisibility screen works...