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Marian Kelly

A sad day for fandom - Marian Kelly passed away on Wednesday.

Marian Kelly was one of the sweetest, most goodhearted, loving, generous, kind women I've ever met. She was a long time fan who started in Trek and went on to Starsky/Hutch. She was one of the first fans I met when I moved to southern California in the 1980s. She did so very much to make me feel welcome here. She had one of the world’s best smiles. I’ll always treasure my memories of our conversations and visits and the fan parties and smaller get-togethers at her lovely home. She did so much for so many people.

Marian loved animals. Her family said donations can be made to the ASPCA or a favorite animal shelter.


I've been working on her Fanlore page since I heard the news.
I just went and had a look - lovely comments. I also enjoyed reading her comments about the process of writing.

I only met her once or twice, but she was always a very kind person.
Kind is the perfect description for her. And very very interesting. I'll always remember her talking about what it was like to be a nurse in the 50s - her memories made me understand aspects of that era I never got on a "gut" level before.
I'm sorry you've lost a friend. :(
*fistbumps* She also had the most beautiful eyes - and made so much possible for so many.

I hope I remember half as much as she forgot - she certainly left me with a hell of an act to follow.

Sorry for your loss