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Longest road trip

What's the longest road trip I've ever been on? I'm not clicking on the main page link, since I don't do those, but my longest road trip was in the 70s. It was a family vacation. We drove from northern Arizona to Mexico City and back again - a three week trip, approximately 3000 miles roundtrip. We had 2-3 day stops in Mazatlan, Guadalajara, Morelia and a week in Mexico City. We went off-season, in July. People asked what was the hottest temperature we experienced during the trip: Coolidge, Arizona, at 118 degrees. Best weather: Guadalajara. Wonderful beaches: Mazatlan.

(I'm tagging this VW Bugs, but it doesn't really count. We *did* go in a Volkswagen, but it was a station wagen model.)


Reminds me of our family trip in 1976. We drove from Charleston to California to visit my sister and her husband at Elmendorf AFB. But we took our time stopping two or three days at places such as New Orleans, Austin, Las Vegas, etc. Hot...my gosh yes! But wonderful. I remember being amazed watching the wildfires along the hills of San Bernadino. Best trip, by far.
I've never done a full cross-country trip. My family did several halfway-cross trips when I was a kid to see my relatives in the midwest, but I never made it out to the ast coast until I got into fandom.

Wildfire watching - yes - it's amazing and scary. The mountainside north of me burned clear in the 90s; the hills were naked for a year and then the growth came quickly back. There are some California plants which can't germinate without wildfire. It's truly part of the ecosystem; unfortunately a lot of people like to live in the canyons and on the hills and that's the most vulnerable place to be because it's inevitable they will burn.