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Blake's 7

New Blake's 7 novels

Wow! Big Finish will be doing new Blake's 7 audio dramas and novels. They do a great job with audio dramas, so I'm definitely looking forward to these:

Seen at watervole's journal:


Audiobook Deal
B7 Enterprises announce a licence deal with Big Finish Productions to produce original BLAKE’S 7 audiobooks and novels.
London, July 4, 2011:

B7 Enterprises has announced a licence deal with Big Finish Productions to produce original audiobooks and novels based on Terry Nation’s popular science fiction series BLAKE’S 7.

Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles will be launching in Spring 2012 on CD and download, and will be performed by the original stars of the TV series. Each box set will contain three discs, with each disc comprising a separate adventure performed by two of the show’s stars. There will be two box set releases each year.

The BLAKE’S 7 original novels will be released in hardback editions, each of approximately 60,000 words. There will be two novels per year – thus ensuring there’s a new BLAKE’S 7 release every three months!

Jason Haigh-Ellery, executive producer of Big Finish, says: “As a huge fan of Blake’s 7, it is a series that I have always wanted Big Finish to be involved with – and now we have the chance due to a ground breaking agreement with B7 Enterprises. It’s something that Andrew Mark Sewell and I have been discussing for several years and I am so pleased that we have come to an agreement.”

Nicholas Briggs, executive producer adds: “’Blake’s 7 is something our listeners have been asking us to produce for ages, so I’m so pleased that we’re finally delivering!‘”

Andrew Mark Sewell, managing director of B7 Enterprises says: “We’ve long been an admirer of the audio dramas produced by Big Finish and are delighted that they will be lending their considerable talents to recapturing the spirit of the classic Blake’s 7 series with a series of new novels and audio plays. Even though thirty years has passed since the original television series ended, we’re sure that these new novels and audio stories will recapture the magic of Terry Nation’s original creation and reignite people’s passion for this seminal show.”

The audio series will be produced by David Richardson, with Xanna Eve Chown as books editor. “I have two loves in science fiction,” says Richardson, “and they are Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. And now I get to produce both on audio! I couldn’t be happier.”

Richardson adds: “The Liberator Chronicles will be a series of exciting, character-driven tales that remain true to the original TV series. We’re aiming for authenticity – recreating the wonder of 1978 all over again!”


I don't like B7 Enterprises, but I am... cautiously optimistic about this.
I'm not at all familiar with B7 Enterprises - what do they do?
I had to hunt up the quote from Andrew Sewell on slash and he, well here's a link (just scroll almost all the way down): http://www.blakes-7.co.uk/b7e/b7eint.shtml

Edited at 2011-07-05 05:32 am (UTC)
Thanks for the link. What a jackass! I've read that article before, but I didn't remember the connection with the organization. Whatever happened to the proposed remake?
It pretty much fizzled out and died.
I would seriously consider buying the novels/downloads - B7 was one of my first fandom loves.
B7 was definitely part of my progress in becoming a fannish butterfly...
This is very cool news!
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